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The Romance of the Rolls Royce

Gladwell & Patterson at the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club

Annual Rally & Concours d’Elegance

Gladwell & Patterson love to celebrate those things which rise above the march of time. A beautiful piece of art speaks for itself and should never answer to fashion or trends. So it is with great excitement that we will be exhibiting at the Annual Rally & Concourse d’Elegance in celebration of another classic, the Rolls Royce car.

Symbolic of the highest form of engineering and design, the Rolls Royce is also all about romance. We will be exhibiting a beautiful collection of paintings worthy to be the vistas past which luxury car enthusiast would be happy to whizz.

The drama of villages clinging to outcrops in the Dordogne conjured by the paint strokes of George Charles Robin or the weather swept highland monroes brooding from the canvas of Alred De Breanski Snr.

And finally – the antithesis of the Rolls Royce? Bulldozer No 642. The wonderful late Walter Dolphyn (1963-2023) was a Belgian painter born into a dynasty of renown artists. His witty and irreverent perspective of the world lives on his unique view of his subjects, often tin dinky toys, whose shiny, hard perfection is at odds with the warmth and humour they reveal.

21st -23rd June 2024,

12 -5pm Friday,

9 – 5pm Sat & Sun

Burghley Park,



PE9 3JY 


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