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Multum in Parvo at Gladwells Rutland

This week we celebrate the opening of the exhibition ‘Multum in Parvo’ at Gladwells Rutland. Since we opened our country gallery in Oakham three years ago, we’ve been intrigued by the motto of our adopted county. The show which hangs throughout April, will explore this adage; that the greatest beauty and power can often be found in the smallest or quietest of objects and places. We’ve gathered a collection of contemporary artists, new to the gallery, whose work we believe exemplifies this. We very much hope you can join us. Sarah Margaret Gibson Sarah trained within the rigours of the Florence Academy in Italy and her paintings are richly influenced by the work and philosophy of the Old Masters. Her paintings seek to capture the life force in her subjects, which for this exhibition is a series of birds. Each piece uses her dramatic juxtaposition of light to bring depth and complexity to the stillness of her feathered subjects.

Sarah Margaret Gibson, Portrait of a Dove, Oil on Linen Panel, 46 x 59 cms, £4,000

Clare Haley The landscapes of Clare Haley have a theatrical energy where the sky holds the key. Weather dramatises her canvases through sequences in cloud and light and makes the panorama come alive. Her sweeping views are of old places, where the vistas have long been shaped by the rawness of the elements. Her works pull at us and challenge us to step into the drama and power of the scene before us, and escape.

Clare Haley, Weather Watching, Oil on Board, 85 x 85 cms, £1,295

Paul Stone Paul Stone is an artist who delights in elevating everyday objects within simple compositions. His canvasses make us pause and look again at the commonplace. The rich, buttery flakiness of a pastry or the gnarled skin of a citrus fruit are set against the lustre of a silver jug or earthenware pot rescued from a charity shop.

Paul Stone, Eccles Cake with Silver Jug, Oil on Canvasboard, 28 x 42cms, £1,290

Visit the Exhibition at Gladwells Rutland, Mill Street, Oakham, Rutland

Monday - Friday 10am-4pm

Saturday - 11am-3pm

Sunday - CLOSED

23 March – 28 April 2023


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