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The call of the mountains

Recollections - Skiing in the Artic - Polar bears and untouched beauty

In May 2018, I left our stand at the R.H.S. Chelsea Flower show in the baking heat of early Summer in London and embarked on an adventure to go ski-touring around the archipelago of Svalbard in the Arctic Circle. It was to become one of the most memorable and incredible trips of my entire life.

Aboard the merchant ship Origo, our expert Arctic Guides navigated their way around the spectacular channels and fjords that make up this unique group of islands. Breathtaking untouched scenery and incredible wildlife all combine to create this beautiful yet harsh environment. Glaciers, icebergs, polar bears, whales, arctic foxes, and peaks which rise thousands of feet out of the sea are just some of the memories which will forever be etched in my mind.

Whisked from the ship to the land aboard ribs and dressed in survival suits, once upon the shore we stepped into our skis and started to climb these magnificent peaks. Blessed with blue skies and sunshine, Svalbard showed us her unfettered beauty in all its glory.

Lucky enough to see polar bears, whales and walruses, it was as though the islands were putting on the best show that they could for us.

Having scaled the peaks each day, we skied back down to the crystal clear icy waters of the Arctic Ocean, on pristine untouched snow. On one occasion I then felt the urge to go swimming amongst the icebergs and with the glacier as a backdrop which was so incredibly invigorating.

Evenings were spent aboard the Origo with our fellow adventurers from across the globe, becoming friends over the fine fare that the excellent chef provided. The shared experience of such a unique trip forming bonds not easily forgotten.

There are precious few words that can adequately portray the sheer magnificence of this utopia, so I will leave it to these photographs to share it with you. I hope you get as much enjoyment from them as I did in taking them.

Watch the video to find out more about the Artic Ski Cruise Expedition :


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