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a word on art

Walking into Alexandre Jacob's landscape

When import restrictions were lifted after the Second World War, Mr Fuller Senior returned to the Continent with the intention of acquiring pictures for the gallery in the City of London from new artists. The various Salons and Academies in each country were the most obvious sources and it was at one of these Emporiums in France that he discovered Alexandre Louis Jacob.

Alexandre Jacob’s tranquil and subtle landscapes show a masterful evocation of light, atmosphere and colour, transporting the viewer into the peaceful countryside of rural Northern France. He gained an understanding and love for nature through studied inspection, transferring his unique observations skillfully onto canvas. His charming scenes capture so well those working the wetlands and fields of this region, people fishing, harvesting rushes and harvesting the land– these tranquil scenes still delight the viewer today. On a hot summer’s day, amongst the tall trees and meadow grasses, you can still step in the footsteps of Alexandre Jacob and find that really, nothing much has changed. With the tall poplar trees adorned with balls of mistletoe and winding riverbanks punctuated by churches and villages. Paintings by Jacob are always eagerly sought out by the gallery and his beautiful paintings form the cornerstone of any discerning collection.


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