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White Oak Conservation

White Oak Conservation’s mission is to save endangered species and wild places.

White Oak manages and support proprietary programs that work to directly save critical populations of endangered species, we support and participate in programs that protect rare species generally; we restore species to wild land when possible; we improve the lives of individual animals and we promote conservation and a love of wildlife through awareness and education.

Humans are causing catastrophic declines of wildlife worldwide. Humans must take responsibility for our actions and take steps to reduce the damage we cause. This includes ensuring the survival of rare species, protecting wild places and developing a culture of conservation.

White Oak Conservation is Walter Conservation’s one-of-a-kind centre in northeastern Florida, established in 1982 for the conservation and propagation of threatened and endangered species. In recent years White Oak has expanded to seventeen-thousand acres dedicated to the conservation and care of assurance populations for species including rhinoceros, okapi, bongos, Dama gazelles and cheetahs. In the United States, White Oak partners with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on species recovery and release efforts for Florida panthers, Florida grasshopper sparrows, Mississippi sandhill cranes and whooping cranes. White Oak has also returned American-born bongo, black rhino and roan to Africa, and is working towards restoring other rare species to their native countries.

White Oak is home to a team of conservationists, scientists and veterinarians with decades of experience in their respective fields. We work in partnership with conservation organizations, governments and agencies, and bring the necessary funding to achieve meaningful and lasting results.

Through White Oak, Walter Conservation is eager to bring education and awareness to the next generation of conservationists using its world-class educational and training programs, in person and remotely. In 2019, more than 1,600 students visited White Oak and participated in education programming.

Gladwell & Patterson are delighted to partner with White Oak Conservation, a pioneering organisation that is at the forefront in the conservation and care of endangered and threatened species, including rhinoceros and cheetahs.

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