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KENNETH WEBB | Windows in the Forest
  • KENNETH WEBB | Windows in the Forest


    10" x 14" / 25.5 x 35.5 cms

    Oil on Canvas


    The poppy continues to delight Kenneth and is a recurrent theme in his recent paintings. Whether the poppies are in a wildflower meadow, nestled amongst rocks from Kenneth’s Ballina boy Garden or silhouetted against a vivid Irish sky, he is constantly drawn to the enduring challenge of capturing their simplicity of form in his bold, textured brushstrokes and palette knife swathes of colour. In this painting Kenneth used poppies to frame the bottom of the forest scene. Kenneth's use of light in this painting has created the canopy of leaves, rather than painting them individually.

    • Kenneth Webb is considered to be one of the finest landscape painters of the last one hundred years. At over ninety years old, Kenneth continues to create and innovate through his art. Primarily a landscape painter in the romantic tradition, Kenneth’s subjects of bogscapes and wild flower meadows have been truly original contributions to British and Irish art over the past fifty years.

      Kenneth has spent his life creating spectacular paintings so that we might share his own individual reaction and impression to the natural world around us. Kenneth’s paintings are an exploration and celebration of the natural world through colour. Experimenting with colour in a free, expressionist manner since his art school years, Kenneth has arrived at a joyous aesthetic that captivates and envelops the viewer. Taking inspiration from the natural landscape around him, from his garden and his studio in Connemara on the west coast of Ireland, his paintings are rooted in place and are deeply personal.