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MAURICE MARTIN | Paysage de Neige

MAURICE MARTIN | Paysage de Neige

19" x 20" / 48cms x 59cms
  • A master of bold colours and strong form, Maurice Martin was a key practitioner in the Moret School of painting. This talented group of artists were indebted to the Impressionist artists, most notably Alfred Sisley, who painted at Moret-sur-Loing in the 1890s. Martin was frequently seen painting en plein-air, believing this to be the only way to capture the immediacy of the scenery. Martins technique demanded a free and spontaneous style of painting in order to catch the rapid changes in outdoor light. He attempted to extract the colours and shapes as well as the fragrances of nature, putting the total ambiance and experience directly onto the canvas. The highlights of Martins career were the Gold Medal he was awarded at the 1946 Paris Salon, and becoming Vice President of the Society of French Landscape Painters.
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